Company History

West North Machine Work is the qualified counseling factory by Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs, established for nearly 25 years, from the manufacture of single machine , automated production line to whole plant of 4C mechanical equipment, create own "WEST NORTH" brand, marketing world, widely recognized by the international companies; were also awarded with a number of awards at local and abroad (excellent Product Design Award, Innovation Research Award, the National Outstanding Brand Award of Excellence, the Award-minded, etc.).
As cross-strait economic and trade openness, tentacles also an extension of formal and strategic alliance with Dongguan Longe automation equipment technology company, and actively expand cross-strait direct flights at high-growth business opportunities and gaining momentum.

Founded in 1985, the West North machinery, few are available to develop 100 kinds of special machine leader, over the years, general manager at the scene of practice and emphasize both the concept of R & D capability, led by R & D Products not only faster, but also stringent give full play to the professional and creative, and able to experience heritage in a timely manner appropriate to reach the needs of industry, from the initial auto-aligning and orienting parts feeding systems and traditional single machine automated machinery and equipment, to the current whole plant of mobile phone keys IMD / P + R whole plant equipment, whole plant of heat pipe and module manufacturing process equipment, plastic casing (such as whole plant of TV, NOTEBOOK, lamp shells, shell paint, bright paint spraying line automatically process equipment), optical stealth glasses manufacturing process equipment, all can be custom made for customers.

Dongguan Longe Automation Equipment Technology, Ltd.
No.12, Jiaoyitangyinyuan St., Tangxia Town, Dongguanshi, Guangdong