West North Corporation has accumulated more than 800 sets of custom-made automation specialty machine experience and also accumulated mechanical performance for more than 8,000 sets of automatic directional feeding of parts in more than 30 kinds of professional automation domains and these are the intangible assets of the knowledge and experience. At present, the introduction of the monthly production for the special-purpose manufacturing machine reaches as high as 2,500,000 heat pipes and it not only may solve the All-round demand for CPU radiating but also go into the other heat transfer industry gradually as well as the process of various types of pressed key, panel technology and equipment manufacturing industry, the automatic cleaning of upper and lower feeding materials, the spraying, assemble, inspection, packing of the process equipment of plastics and rubber industry and the manufacturing process of whole equipment for optical lens.

Active and positive is the West North Corporation's basic faith. The continued competitive of the market rules is to continue to seize the market demand and the innovation and the R & D so the West North from its establishment considerable emphasis on the inheritance of experience and technology and by every year turnover 10% invests into the R & D. and obtain the affirmation from the industry. Since obtained the "Innovation Research Award" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993, North West Company has not been absent in the award items or the patent aspects. In recent 20 years accumulated award items and certificates have been hung all over the office Including Taiwan high-quality goods symbol, Taipei Outstanding Inventors, German Niu logical sequence fort international invention exhibitions and so on which North West obtains the results of effort.

West North Corporation thought as long as there are new ideas, any difficulties can be overcome and the victory can also be grasped in own hand. The Longji Automation equipment has business success and also completely captured “the heart” of several hundred well-known enterprises relied on the faith of the innovation, the research and development, the enthusiasm, the feedback as well as the service sprit of insists forever the quality , the service, the efficiency first.